Tuesday, February 21, 2012


freshwater pearls with sterling silver and quartz crystals
  In the movie, "Titanic:, the elder Rose Dawson, tells the oceanographer, at the beginning of the film, that she knows about the sketch and the "heart of the ocean (sapphire necklace) ", because, as she calmly explains, "I am the girl in the sketch".  When she says this, she happens to be wearing a long necklace with silver and barrel shaped blue stones, probably sodalite.  I focused on the necklace in those few frames, and said to myself, "That looks like I made it.  As soon as I get home I'm going to make that exact necklace".
And I did, and it was, and it sold.  I didn't take a picture of it, so I would have to rent the film to go through that process again. But I still do have the materials.

Last week I watched "The Iron Lady", with Meryl Streep.  Margaret Thatcher apparently always wore her double strand of pearls, called 'The Twins", given to her by her husband after the birth of their twins.  It is a simple and classic double strand.

Pearls are in a class by themselves.  They have a long history, and a fine reputation.  They are elegant, rare, expensive, special.  Lately, they are less rare and less expensive due to the vast pearl farms in China.  Freshwater pearls are available at reasonable prices now.  In fact pearls come in all prices.  In Tucson last month, I strolled down the fine jewelry wholesaler aisles and saw single pearls selling for thousands of dollars.  I also saw freshwater pearls selling for a few dollars a strand.

dyed pearls with amber and citrine
Pearls are included in my inventory because of their beauty.  While a classic string of pearls comes with silk knotted after each pearl,  I combine pearls with deserving buddies.  A necklace of white pearls will include some sterling silver, and some quartz crystal. And golden dyed pearls might be accented with butterscotch amber, citrine,  silver or special brass.

A lady never goes anywhere without her pearls
My pampered and pedigreed aristocat doesn't go anywhere without her own personal set, complete with magnetic safety clasp.

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