Saturday, March 12, 2011

This necklace is called "Mixed Message"

Every year Senior College and the University of Maine Hutchinson Center sponsor the Festival of Art.  It is a venue where artists 50 years old , amateur and profession, may exhibit their work.  I participate every year and have just finished working on my entry--Mixed Message.  I always have a name for my necklaces, and this show finally gives me a chance to follow through with that concept.  The necklace above comprises ancient spondylus shell beads from Peru, an old agate bead with silver caps  (which has obviously traveled from India and the Middle East), glass trade beads made in Italy and destined for Africa, old Bedouin chain from Jordan, ancient turquoise from Venezuela, and spectacular two- hundred year old white hearts from Niger.  The style is reminiscent of old silver Bedouin jewelry.  So this necklace has no real identity; it is a "mixed message".

While designing this piece I heard a tango melody on the radio.  Immediately I went to the computer to play one of my very favorite video clips--the tango scene from "Scent of a Woman" with Al Pacino.  I love it.  It's romantic, beautiful , lyrical,  and emotional.  It just carries you away to the very best place.     Try it:


Anonymous said...

Are you selling this piece?

maureen said...

Yes. This necklace will be for sale after the Festival of Art in mid May.